Circuit Boards

Our PCB Services

Prototyping & Machining

3 Axis Micromilling Unleash creativity with our 3-axis digital micromilling. Craft intricate shapes from LAB, resins, plastics, and more.
3D Prototyping From concept to reality, our 3D prowess aids prototyping.

Machining dimensions X=600mm, Y=420mm, Z=100mm.

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Testing & Production

Electronics Powered by an array of advanced control instruments, we conduct a multitude of tests, ensuring uncompromised quality. Mechanical We specialize in swift 2D and 3D engraving and machining services, prioritizing rapid prototype production.



Research Activities range from the production of the prototype to the creation of complex devices (electronics, mechanics, rapid assembly , technique, reduction of production costs, etc).



Repair Services Providing top-notch electronic repair solutions for a wide range of devices. Troubleshooting Specialists We excel at identifying and resolving issues, ensuring your electronics are up and running smoothly. Customized Repairs Tailoring our services to your needs, we fix problems based on your detailed problem descriptions.