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Vacuum Cans

Vacuum Chamber Can

Vacuum Cans

Annual Volume at ~1000 units

Water Filtration Tank

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ISOCS Cart fabricated by Atlantic Fabricating Company

ISOC Cart Stand

IMG 4918 scaled

Machined Anchor Blocks

IMG 4919 scaled

Accuscan horizontal

This system identifies and quantifies radioactivity inside the human body with a simple five- to eight-minute count



uses large area sodium iodide detectors to achieve low minimum detectable activities with count times as fast as one minute.

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henc system

HENC System next to ladder

machined accuator assemblies
low volume

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K-135 Bladder Test fixture

KC Engine Testing Unit

Custom Tooling and fixtures

CANDU Structure manufactured by Atlantic Fabricating Company

Custom Cabinet assembly

Golf Ball Cleaner Finished

custom radiation detection chamber

Radiation Detection

custom radiation test fixture

AQ2x 010

custom frame and roller assembly

IMG 9715 1

oem 20,000 lbs radiation detection unit

Q2 Unit Being Shipped

oem segmented gamma scanner

Screenshot 2023 09 10 201731

oem load balance drum

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low volume oem production tank

IMG 0134

production sample changer assembly

Screenshot 2023 09 10 200352