Spare, OEM, & Obsolete Parts

Shortlist of Products We Supply

Medical Field Supplies

Atlantic supplies medical products in a variety of applications. Including gloves, masks, cleaning supplies, thermometers, face shields, and procedure equipment.

Optical Lenses

Optical Lenses may consist of a single or multiple element with the capabilities of being used in a wide variety of applications from microscopy to laser processing. Many industries utilize optical lenses such as life science, imaging, industrial and defense

Wind Turbines
Power Generation

Used to create and maintain a small hermetically sealed environment for radiation detection. Field services spares, OEM production support, design and custom fabrication.


Finding the best motor for your application doesn't need to be a challenge. Contact us today! WEG, alterative motors, and more available.


What is the best gasket material for the project you're working on? Give us a call today and we can help you choose. Nitrile Neoprene, Spiral Wound, Metal Jacketed, PTFE, and Rubber.

Paint Cans
Paints, Adhesives, & Spray

Atlantic supplies a wide variety of paint and adhesives. Call or email us today for the product you're looking for. 3M Multipurpose Adhesive Sherwin Williams Paint Cross Check Rust-Oleum DGF-123 Dry Graphite Film Krylon

Duct Hoses
Sealants & Fluids
Automotive drawing
HEPA Filter
Filter & Filter Hosing

We carry all types of filters. Give us a call today or email us with the part number / description Industrial Washable Fiberglass Jumbo Cartridge Polyester Waterdrop ACF

Clamp provided by Atlantic Fabricating Company

Choose from our selection of quick-release, including clamps for hoses, tubes, duct hoses, shaft collars & more. Everbilt Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Ideal-Tridon Hy-Gear Stainless Steel Oetiker Crimp Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Worm Gear Hose Clamp Quick-Release Clamps Clamp Loop

Hydraulic and pneumatic o-rings in different sizes and colors, on a white background. Various seals for plumbing. Sealing rings for hydraulic connections.
Hardware & O-Rings

Atlantic supplies standard and non-standard size O-rings. As well as a wide range of nuts, bolts, screws, bolts, tools, pins, & accessories. Bearings Anchors Washers Bolts & Screws Electronic Hardware

Safety Sign
Safety Signs

Enforce a variety of safety signs within your facility and business Placards Shipping Conditions Health Outdoor Construction Safety DOT Regulations Workplace

Bus Fuse
Breakers, Switches, & Fuses

Atlantic carries a wide variety of circuit breakers, switches, and fuses.

Power Tools
Power Tools & Equipment

We are here to help supply all your industrial spare part needs. DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, Black + Decker, & Ryobi Logistic Handling Spares Facility Equipment Construction Spares

Multimeters, Test Equipment, Control & Hard Drives

Atlantic provides a wide range of multimeters, test equipment, hard drives, control & service motor drives. Industrial RMS Seagate Hard Drives Fluke Extech Flir & more


Having trouble knowing what tape to use? The hardest part of the process is understanding which tape works best for you and meets the specific requirements that your components demand.

Supply Chain Solutions

Atlantic Fabricating Company works with customers on every level. From supplying material, spare parts, and components, from production to reverse engineering your obsolete spare parts, we are here to keep your business running efficiently. In today’s business environment it is imperative that we thrive and remain as competitive as possible.

Atlantic has secured numerous suppliers to offer you the best possible price and lead time around. If your goal is to work with less suppliers, let us show you what we can do. We specialize in long term orders with specific release dates that ensure you get the lowest cost with on time delivery to keep your inventory flowing.

Working with our partner in Switzerland gives us more opportunity and resources to source that one, hard to find part. That combined with worldwide shipping truly makes us one of a kind.

Atlantic works with many original equipment manufacturers distributing their products to market. We also provide local customers with technical support and other services, depending on the product.

Atlantic covers several stages, including strategy, product selection, logistics, supply-chain collaboration and support.

We also specialize in obsolete OEM parts. We will source hard to find pieces or in conjunction with our engineering department will re-design a replacement option.

Our engineers can reverse engineer most parts in the industry. We specialize in laser and automotive, but we are always looking to grow.