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The Punching, Bending, Forming Joy of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication encompasses various processes, including punching, bending, and forming. These techniques allow fabricators to shape and transform raw materials into functional and aesthetically pleasing products.

With each punch, bend, or forming action, you see the craftsmanship and skill required to shape the metal precisely. Fabricators carefully calculate the development process, apply force, or use different tools to achieve desirable results.

At Atlantic Fabricating Company, the combination of precision and creativity fuels the joy and passion for metal fabrication.


Common Uses for Metal Fabrication Today

Modern metal fabrication is a versatile process. It is widely used across multiple industries due to its durability, strength, and customization possibilities.

Here is a closer look at some of its most common uses today.


Construction and Architecture

Metal fabrication is extensively used in the construction and architecture industry. It is employed to create structural components like beams, columns, frames, and trusses.

Metal fabricators can shape and join metals to meet specific architectural and structural requirements.

 The energy sector uses it extensively with their work, including components for thermal power plants, wind turbines, solar panels, and hydroelectric systems. Metal fabrication develops the supports and structures that withstand the harsh conditions found outside.


Medical Applications

Fabrication techniques are used in the medical and healthcare fields to produce a wide range of instruments and equipment. Surgical tools, medical device components, hospital furniture, and specialized equipment often require this expertise.

Manufacturing and Industrial Equipment

In this use category, metal fabrication produces equipment, machinery, and components such as conveyors, assembly lines, storage tanks, pressure vessels, machine frames, and industrial tools.

Atlantic Fabricating Company offers welding and turning capabilities. Our CNC experts work precisely and consistently to create the intricate parts you need for your next product.


Automotive and Aerospace

Metal fabrication is heavily utilized in the automotive and aerospace sectors. It is involved in producing vehicle parts, such as chassis, engine components, exhaust systems, body panels, and suspension parts.

In the aerospace industry, metal fabrication creates aircraft frames, wings, landing gear, and other critical components. This work delivers the strength needed to keep people as safe as possible while navigating their journey through each day.


Furniture and Décor

With metal fabrication, it is possible to create unique and artistic pieces that become showcases for your decorative items. Chairs, tables, shelves, and lighting fixtures become structurally sound because of the welding, bending, and forming processes.

Household appliances are often made using this expertise. Ovens, refrigerators, sinks, and washing machines often use metal components to ensure long-lasting results.


Electronics and Technology

Metal fabrication is employed in the manufacturing of electronics and technological devices. Computer casings, server racks, mobile phone components, and electrical enclosures are examples of products that utilize metal fabrication.


Even when you aren’t manipulating the metal directly, you can see the joy that comes from fabrication work in almost every home and business today. Whether you are the creator or a customer purchasing the finished product, you’ll find that the bending, forming, punching, and welding expertise found at Atlantic Fabricating Company can take your upcoming investment to the next level.